New Pallet Stretch Wrappers

Representing the best in stretch wrapping equipment technologies, PPA sells various brands and all types of pallet stretch wrappers, direct from the manufacturers, guaranteeing a stretch wrapping solution for your needs.  From manual control, to semi-automatic, to fully automated systems, employing turntable, rotary tower, or rotary ring technologies.  Specializing in the integration of sub-systems, and the supply of value added features, we are able to supply a pallet stretch wrapping machine or system to meet your specific needs.

  • Wide range of products and suppliers
  • Fast and effective
  • Economical and affordable

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Used and Reconditioned Pallet Stretch Wrappers

We acquire, recondition, and sell used pallet stretch wrapping equipment.  Often meeting startup or low volume users needs, we offer various programs designed to recycle used pallet stretch wrappers obtained through trade-in/trade-up, consignment sales, outright purchase, end of lease purchases, etc.  Leveraging our expertise in this industry, PPA is uniquely capable of reconditioning these stretch wrappers to a fully repaired and functional state, or even new condition. 

With strategic upgrades to this used equipment (upgrading it to the latest stretch wrapping technologies, ) these stretch wrappers can often function equivalent to new at a fraction of the cost.  Improved deliveries and significant cost savings are also factors which cause some of our regular customers to choose reconditioned equipment from us over new.  Unlike many typical used equipment dealers, we fully support these machines after the sale with a warranty, technical expertise, parts, preventive maintenance, and breakdown service programs.

  • Fully reconditioned
  • Cost effective
  • Available for immediate delivery

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Handwrap and Machine Wrap (Stretch Film)

Representing the best in stretch wrapping materials technologies, PPA sells pallet stretch wrap (machine wrap and handwrap) suitable for use in any pallet wrapping machine or manual operation.  This "one-source one-responsibility" concept ensures PPA's ability to serve all your pallet stretch wrapping needs.

  • Stretch films for all of our Pallet Stretch Wrapper units
  • We sell both hand wrap, and machine film
  • Strategies and tools for optimizing your stretch film usage

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