*SOLD* Muller: Octopus 404

New/Used: Used
Machine Style: Rotary Ring Automatic
Machine Type: Gantry
Control Type: Automatic
Film Carriage Type: Powered Pre-Stretch

Octopus™ 404 Rotary Ring Pallet Stretch Wrapper
The Octopus' innovative and patented wrapping ring allows the pallet to remain stationary while the balanced Film Carriage rotates around the pallet as the ring moves vertically. The Cut and Seal system is mounted to the Ring Frame, and enables the Cut and Seal sequence to occur anywhere on the load (top, middle, or bottom) and leaves absolutely no tail! This feature makes the Octopus wrapper the only wrapper in the industry to accomplish a true one way wrap. Conventional design stretch wrappers require the Film Carriage to return from where it started in order to capture the film in the Film Clamp, putting film on the load which may not be required for unitization. Utilization of this "One Way Wrap" enables the Octopus wrapper to use less film than most any other stretch wrapper in the industry, typically achieving film savings of 30% or more!

  • Ring Speed: 18 RPM (COMPOSITE RING)
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 70
  • Maximum Load Size: 48" W x 50" L x 80" H (69" diagonal)
  • Maximum Load Weight: Dependant only upon conveyor
  • Film Delivery: 20" Roll Width x 10" Dia., Strain Gauge, 75% to 300% Powered Pre-stretch, Octo-Thread design, "W" Film Threading Pattern
  • Cut and Seal: Controlled impulse cutter and heat sealer
  • Ring Lift System: Chain, SEW EuroDrive, VFD
  • Ring Rotation System: Friction Drive Wheel, SEW EuroDrive, VFD