Turntable or Rotary Tower Film Clamp

  • Film Clamp WrapperThis will upgrade your stretch wrapper's film clamp to the current Muller standard, with the same state-of-the-art components used in all Muller current generation fully automatic stretch wrappers. 
  • Featuring pneumatic air jets built-in to the clamp jaws, this lifts up the leading film tail when the clamp opens, ensuring that the film tail is completely wrapped into the load. 
  • Preventing the "leading film tail" from being exposed avoids trapping it under another pallet during handling or causing photocells in automated storage/retrieval systems to false trigger. 
  • Ready availability of parts and technical expertise will add years of trouble-free service to your stretch wrapper.

Octopus Film Clamp Assembly

  • This complete assembly comes pre-assembled and ready to install.  
  • The benefit to having this main assembly in-house is that in the event of a major failure, the simple bolt-on system allows you get the Octopus wrapper up and running, and gives you the necessary time to repair the inoperable or worn out unit off line, at your convenience.
  • Another consideration is to have the original film clamp assembly rebuilt by PPA, and keep it in stock as a spare.