Impulse Film Cutter

  • Pallet Stretch Wrappers Film CutterThis will upgrade your stretch wrapper's film cutter to the current Muller standard, with the same state-of-the-art components used in all Muller current generation fully automatic stretch wrappers.
  • The "Cool to the Touch" cutting element eliminates the danger of burns to operating personnel when re-threading film or changing rolls often associated with the "Hot Knife Cutting System" employed by very old Muller automatic wrappers and some non-Muller manuacturers even today.
  • The use of pre-cut and assembled "cut wires" eliminates the requirement for a maintenance electrician to change the wire when worn out or broken.  This process is tool-less, quick, and easy.
  • Ready availability of parts and technical expertise will add years of trouble-free service to your stretch wrapper.