Impulse Film Sealer

  • Pallet Stretch Wrappers Film SealerThis will upgrade your stretch wrappers sealing system to the current Muller standard, with the same state-of-the-art components used in all Muller current generation fully automatic stretch wrappers.
  • In comparison to older Muller and competitors "brush down" systems, which count on the cling of the film to hold the film tail in place, this system securely heat bonds the film tail to the previous layers of wrapped stretch film.  Four individual self-aligning heat seal pads automatically compensate for load face irregularities.
  • Significantly reducing the incidence of "leading film tails" helps to avoid them getting trapped under another pallet during handling or causing photocells in automated storage/retrieval systems to false trigger.
  • The "Cool to the Touch" sealing elements eliminates the danger of burns to operating personnel when re-threading film or changing rolls.
  • Ready availability of parts and technical expertise will add years of trouble-free service to your stretch wrapper.