Retrofit Film Clamp / Swing Arm Assembly / Impulse Film Cutter / Impulse Film Sealer Package

Pallet Wrappers Film Package

  • This will upgrade your stretch wrapper's clamp / swing arm / cut / seal system to the current Muller standard, with the same state-of-the-art components used in all Muller current generation fully automatic stretch wrappers. 
  • The swing arm style assembly delivers the cutter and sealer to the load. With a wide range of adjustment, it allows the set up to be optimized for whatever physical configuration is required to ensure consistent cut and seal performance. 
  • Suitable for installation on systems that don't even have similar film clamps or cutters and sealers, such as Muller's archaic "Multi-Lock Cut Seal System", and Muller's own (or competitors) brush down systems.  This retrofit is available in several configurations to suit the needs of almost every application. 


  • The film clamp system employs pneumatic air jets to lift up the leading film tail when the clamp opens to ensure that the tail is completely wrapped into the load. 
  • The cutter is safe, reliable, efficient, and easy to manage. 
  • The sealing system securely bonds the film tail to the previous layers of wrapped stretch film with four individual self-aligning heat seal pads automatically compensate for load face irregularities. 
  • With the clamp, cutter, and sealer all helping to prevent "film tails" from being exposed, this avoids the trapping of them under another pallet during handling or causing photocells in automated storage/retrieval systems to false trigger. 
  • The "Cool to the Touch" cutting and sealing elements eliminate the danger of burns to operating personnel when re-threading film or changing rolls. 
  • Each of these major assemblies is also available as individual retrofits. See these descriptions for more information. 
  • Ready availability of parts and technical expertise will add years of trouble-free service to your stretch wrapper.


Includes: Swing Arm Cut Seal Assembly, Impulse Cutter Assembly, Package of Cut Wires, Sealer Assembly, Required Pneumatic Components, Required Electrical Components, Film Clamp, Film Tail Blower Kit, and required installation materials.