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PPA Light Curtain Stands

Custom fabricated in-house, these stands contain several features missing from the standard product offerings of common light curtain component manufacturers.  Non-standard features and custom options are also available.


  • Steel construction with zinc plating finish.
  • Complete with mounting bars, and photoeye and reflector mounting brackets.
  • Fully adjustable in all 3 axis.
  • Integrated rear slots for light curtain mounting.
  • Integrated side slots for muting photoeye mounting.
  • Standard 96" height.  Optional heights available upon request.
  • Levelling pads provided for a firm, solid, non-wear, leveling surface.
  • Integrated tapped holes for levelling bolts.
  • Integrated slotted holes allowing 90 degrees of rotation for easy alignment.
  • Optional spring anchoring system allows for accidental movement of stand to help prevent damage.